Xybix Dispatch Furniture Models

The Xybix Eagle dispatch consoles have taken design and functionality to the next level. Xybix’s consoles have been updated with the latest in ergonomics, cable management, durability and tech access.

Xybix continues to innovate and stay on top of market trends and we keep you, the user, top of mind.

The Xybix Eagle consoles have:
   -  Wide open knee and leg undersurface clearance
   -  Quieter lifting legs 
   -  Reinforced 
undersurface support
   -  New finishes and color options
   -  3D Laminated seamless finish

Download Xybix Eagle Information

Xybix EagleCorner Station 

  • Eagle Corner Station
  • Corner Station Upclose
  • Xybix Eagle Straight Station
  • Xybix Eagle Medical Corner Station
Xybix Workstation Configurations

Corner workstations are the best ergonomic solution featuring a wrap-around operational cockpit. This four or five leg workstation is available in six sizes to meet a variety of equipment needs and space requirements.

Straight Curved Front
Fitting into locations where corner workstations are space constrained, straight workstations are available in six different widths.

Xybix Sample Layout Configurations

Xybix offers professional design services where our designers go to work for you - optimizing space and creating 3D renderings of your future furniture layout. 

Download Typical Configurations

  • Xybix Typicals Layout - X Configuration
  • Xybix Typical Configuration - Corral
  • Xybix Typical Configuration - Combination
  • Xybix Typical Configuration - Zig Zag
  • Xyix EOC Tables - Rendering
  • EOC Full Room - Xybix
Emergency Operations Tables

Xybix offers a fixed height operations table for EOC's.

•Ergonomically designed for comfort and practicality these tables are designed specifically for the demanding emergency environment. 

•Organized cable management, enclosed equipment storage allow for ample user knee space. 

•Quality finishes and durable noise reducing materials 

Learn more about Xybix's EOC Tables.

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