Xybix Finishing Options

As a part of the process to finalize an order, finish materials must be selected from the Xybix Standard Finishes Package offerings. The following palettes have been developed to simplify this selection process.
Should you have any immediate questions, please don’t hesitate to contact your designer.

Finishing Options Selection Process:

Step One, Review What You Will Need:

  • Review the generic workstation model to identify the materials required and their locations.
  • Review the Standard Color Palettes. Each offers three to four panel fabrics, three 3D laminates and one melamine option that coordinates. Selections between different color palettes can be made.

Step Two, Select Panel Material:

  • Select up to two Panel Materials for the panel system tiles.
    • Material Options: Fabric, 3D Laminate Tile, Glass Tile
      • 3D Laminate and Glass options are priced separately
  • Panel Frame Trim will be black

Step Three, Select Laminate Finishes:

  • Select one 3D Laminate for the horizontal work surfaces and one 3D Laminate for front of cabinet vertical surfaces.

Step Four, Select Cabinet Material:

  • Select one Melamine for all vertical cabinetry surfaces.
  • To coordinate melamine to the laminates, only those shown will be exact matches. There will be some natural variations in the final finish appearance.
  • Edgeband will match melamine selection.

Upgrade Customized Design Solutions:

Our designers can assist you should you choose to coordinate material selections with your architectural finishes, use COM materials, or select materials not shown in our standard offering. The custom materials will be provided at an up-charge and may extend the production lead times. Contact your Xybix Designer for more information.



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3D Laminates and Melamines

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Panel Fabrics

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Carpet Specifications:

Carpet Options 1

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Carpets Options 2

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Static Protection:

Conductive Fiber

  • Conductive Fiber: Continuous conductive StaticSmart® FibreLink monofilament

  • kV Rating: AATCC 134-06 (w/o conductive footwear)

  • Electrostatic propensity: less than 0.4 kV (400 Volts). Tested at 20% relative humidity at 20° Celsius and 70° Fahrenheit.

Electrical Resistance

  • Electrical Resistance: ESD S7.1/NFPA 99 Resistive/resistance characterization of materials: Rtt six or more readings between points placed 3 feet apart. Tested with an applied voltage of 100V. Measured in Ohms, 2.5 x 10e4 minimum, 1.0 x 10e8 maximum. Rtg six or more readings from surface to groundable point. Tested with an applied voltage of 100V. Measured in Ohms, 2.5 x 10e4 minimum, 1.0 x 10e8 maximum.

  • Electrical Resistance/Voltage Test: AANSI/ESD S20.20-2014, compliant when using approved conductive footwear. Results within required limits < 1 x 10e9 Ohms and < 100 Volts peak D.O.D. HDBK263A, Section 40.1.2: Meets recommended guidelines for sensitive ESD devices, Class 1. Exceeds FAA-STD-019e and Motorola R56 standards and guidelines for static control flooring. Roller Caster Electrical Test (CET) Assessment: After 100,000 chair caster cycles there was no depreciable change in conductivity or electrical performance.

Static Protection (Cont.):

Groundable Path

  • StaticSmart® ground strip or Rtg Connector Kit

Grounding Frequency

  • 1 per 1,000 sq. ft.

Backing System

  • Conductive Ecoworx® backing – 100% PVC-free recyclable, made from recycled material


  • StaticSmart ESDvantage Conductive Adhesive


Suggested Pairings:

2020 Eagle Line Finish Brochure with Carpeting V2_Page_1 2020 Eagle Line Finish Brochure with Carpeting V2_Page_2
2020 Eagle Line Finish Brochure with Carpeting V2_Page_3 2020 Eagle Line Finish Brochure with Carpeting V2_Page_4

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Environmental Notes:

Xybix’s Commitment to Eco Friendly Furniture Products

Xybix understands that consumers are turning increasingly towards healthy and environmentally friendly products. Xybix is proud to announce that all of its products are UL Greenguard® Indoor Air Quality Certified. This certification gives credence to manufacturers’ sustainability claims, backing them with empirical scientific data from an unbiased, third-party organization.

Our furnishings and finishes have been rigorously tested for emissions of formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds, aldehydes, respirable particles, ozone and other pollutants and are within the allowable emission levels standards. Unlike other similar furniture manufacturers, this test is conducted on the complete Xybix product as it will be installed and used at the customer’s facility.

Xybix’s height adjustable workstations are certified according to the UL GreenGuard® Indoor Air Quality Certification Program
for Low Emitting Products.


Each of our laminate suppliers have UL GreenGuard® certifications. Xybix’s panel fabric suppliers provide innovative earth-friendly products that have earned a Reduced Environmental Impact designation because they are produced of the following fibers or materials:

  • 100% recycled fiber, or
  • 100% bio-based fiber, or
  • 100% heavy metal free fiber, or
  • 100% natural, compostable fiber, or
  • PVC free

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