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Start by Identifying your table:

Xybix Table legs 2017 +  Xybix Table legs Prior to 2016


2017+ Tables

Xybix Dispatch Troubleshooting Guide (2017+)            Xybix Imaging Desk Troubleshooting Guide (2017+)

Xybix Console Furniture Product Manual and TroubleShooting Guide 2018 (July)                                             Xybix Imaging Desk Product Manual

Customer Service Help Documents/Videos for 2017+ Tables

Easy Close Drawer Slides

Replacing Panel
Tile Buttons (Gray)

Common Error Codes

 Replacing Panel Tiles

Table Reset Procedure

Monitor Mount Options
Lift Case Top Cap Product Manual and Troubleshooting Guide (03/20)

2016 & Prior Tables

Trouble Shooting Guide 2011_Page_1

Xybix Troubleshooting Guide (2016 & Prior)


Customer Service Help Documents/Videos for 2016 Prior Tables

Easy Close Drawer Slides Heater Reset Replacing Panel
Tile Buttons (Gray)
Heater Problems One Leg Test Kit  Table Reset Instructions
 Console Error Code - A64  Replacing Panel Tiles Prepping your
Monitor for Mounting