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Acoustic Panels, PET Barriers, and Acrylic

Xybix desks can be equipped with sound-reducing acoustic panels, PET noise-absorbing barriers, along with customizable light-up glass panels or acrylic barriers

Panel with Acrylic Barrier Photo


Acoustic Panels

Xybix acoustic panels provide room separation and space definition, reducing high noise levels in PSAPs, Comm Centers, and healthcare facilities by preventing sound from bouncing off hard surfaces like walls, ceilings, desks, floors, and windows. Each acoustic panel features:
Acoustic Panel Photo

PET Acoustic Barriers for Healthcare Desks

These optional add-on panels help to scatter sound waves in different directions and reduce room echos. This is particularly important in rooms with hard surfaces, which tend to amplify sound and create a “boomy” effect.

PET Barrier Photo

Customizable Glass Panel Toppers

These add-ons fit on top of our panel systems to provide visibility while still reducing noise and providing additional privacy. These glass panels can be customized with logos and text if desired.

Glass Panel Toppers

Customizable Acrylic Barriers with Lighting

Our acrylic barriers provide additional protection against airborne germs and can be customized with graphics (like your logo) and are backlit with LED lights. You can control the color scheme and the brightness via the Xybix AXYS system.

Acrylic Lighting Photo

Xybix Co-Owner, Ken Carson, provides some quick insights on our panel systems, and customizable glass add-ons.


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