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Xybix Desks and Consoles for 911 Dispatch

Looking to update your 911 dispatch center, PSAP, or real-time crime center? Xybix is the industry leader for sit-to-stand ergonomic desks and consoles in the public safety sector. You'll find Xybix furniture and accessories in hundreds of top public safety centers across the US and Canada. 

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A Guide to Purchasing 911 Dispatch Furniture

Everything you wanted to know about 911 dispatch workstations and consoles including how they can make your staff healthier and more productive.

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Let Xybix help you build or update your 911 dispatch PSAP center the right way.

Feeling overwhelmed by the daunting task of updating your 911 dispatch center desks and furniture? We have more than 30 years of experience and have outfitted hundred of 911 centers across the US and Canada. You can trust Xybix as the #1 provider of sit-to-stand ergonomic desks and consoles for dispatchers. Whether you need 2 dispatch desks or 200 dispatch desks, Xybix has you covered. Let us make your dispatchers happier, healthier, and more productive!

Overhauling your entire center or moving to a new space? Xybix is here to assist you every step of the way. Not only do we provide a wide range of ergonomic desks, consoles, and furniture for your staff, but we also offer comprehensive design services. Our team of skilled designers will custom-create a layout of furniture that caters to the unique needs of your team. We are more than happy to collaborate with architects and designers on your end as well. Trust Xybix to ensure that your 911 dispatch center is built or updated with utmost precision and care.

Maximizing the Space in your 911 Center and How Xybix Can Help

Xybix has helped hundreds of 911 centers maximize their space while making their employees healthier and more productive.


Why should you choose Xybix desks for your 911 dispatch center?

All of the Following Features Are Available for Xybix 911 Dispatch Desks and Consoles:

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AXYS Control Center Software

Take full control of your workspace with our AXYS system. Adjust your desk's worksurface height, monitor height, lighting intensity/color, climate, and more right from your PC, tablet, or phone. Create your perfect combination and save it as a "scene" for quick and effortless recall. The power is in your hands.

Additional information on AXYS is available here.

Height Adjustment Lift Photo

Height-Adjustable Worksurfaces  

Transform your work experience with height-adjustable worksurfaces that allow you to seamlessly transition from sitting to standing in mere seconds. Not only does this innovative feature provide a healthier approach to your day-to-day routine, but it also boosts productivity like never before. Sit-to-stand desks have been proven to enhance your overall wellbeing and work performance.

Additional information is available here.

Dispatch Desktop Photo

3D Laminated Desktops

Don't let your office desk be a breeding ground for bacteria! Xybix knows that traditional desks can harbor germs in the seams, but our 3D laminated desktops are different. They are not only more hygienic and easier to clean, but also more durable. Trust us, you won't miss that average desktop once you experience the Xybix difference.

Additional information is available here.

Rollervision Photo


With Xybix's RollervisionTM, you can effortlessly and swiftly move an entire array of monitors for optimal ergonomic positioning. The patented technology allows for focal depth adjustment, ensuring comfort and ease while you work. Plus, RollervisionTM supports a vast range of monitor sizes and configurations, offering endless possibilities for your workspace setup.

Additional information is available here.

Panels and Acrylic Photo

Panel Systems with Acrylic Lighting

Our acoustical tile panel systems reduce noise pollution and aid in concentration. The panels are a perfect solution for open areas where privacy is required. Choose from a variety of patterns/colors and heights and add-on one of our backlit acrylic barriers that can be customized with LED lights and your logo. 

Additional information is available here.

Climate Control Photo

Personal Climate Control

Take control of your work environment with Personal Climate Control. Set your preferred heating and cooling settings for your workspace, and save them for easy access. Experience a more comfortable climate that can enhance your productivity and make your workday more enjoyable.

Additional information is available here.

Task Lighting Photo

Desktop Task Lighting

Illuminate your workspace with Xybix's energy-saving LED task lighting options. Our LUXE2 flexible task lights allow you to pivot the light to any angle on your work surface. With compatibility with AXYS, you can easily adjust the brightness of the LED lights, too. Plus, the light remains cool to the touch.

Additional information is available here.

Under-Surface Shelf Photo

Under-Surface Shelf with USB/Power Outlets

Store items you need to access quickly and power/charge* your devices with this convenient storage shelf built into all Xybix desks. Our shelves feature USB3, USB-C, and a power outlet and can be customized to meet your exact needs.
*USB outlets are exclusively for charging

Additional information is available here.

Data Dock Photo

Data Dock

Looking for a way to expand your data ports without sacrificing precious workspace? Look no further than our Data Dock! We offer a range of additional USB, CAT-6, and RJ11/45 ports, all conveniently located just inches from your worksurface. And the best part? You get to choose exactly which ports you need. Let us help you stay connected and productive with our customizable Data Dock.

Additional information is available here.

Status Indicator Light Photo

Status Indicator Lights

This multi-colored, configurable light provides managers and users the ability to see the status of team members for better responsiveness and management. Control the color scheme with the AXYS software to alert team members of specific events. 

Additional information is available here.

Computer Storage Photo

A Variety of Computer Storage Options

Xybix offers a wide variety of computer storage options to keep your floor areas clear and wiring concealed. Our storage options provide easy access to your hardware while ensuring it stays protected. Built-in power strips and cooling are standard and grounding is available.

Additional information is available here.


"In my opinion, Xybix is the industry leader for emergency communications furniture. Your team not only has the knowledge for design, building, and installing, you have the experience to help any customer. We as an organization are proud to show off our Xybix workstations and would highly recommend the Xybix product to other emergency communication centers"

Carrie Parman
Englewood CO. Police Dept. Mgr.

View additional customer testimonials here


Real Time Crime Centers

Looking to build or upgrade a real time crime center for your area? Xybix has you covered there, too. Visit our RTCC page to learn more about how Xybix can outfit your RTCC with a variety of workstations, tables, storage options and more.


Learn about Xybix RTCC Options

RTCC Example

Sample Build-Outs:


Take a look at some of our favorite build-outs in a variety of different public safety centers, both large and small:


Want to see even more build-outs for inspiration? Check out our project photo galleries and our video gallery.


How much does a 911 dispatch center desk cost? The honest answer is "it depends." At Xybix, we create each desk to meet the exact needs for our clients. Whether you're looking for a small desk designed for 1-2 monitors or a large workstation equipped for 8 or more monitors, we have you covered. We have different shapes (such as curved or straight) and single or dual-surface options, too. We can also equip our desks with up to 6 different lighting options and a wide variety of accessories and storage options. 

The chart below provides some ballpark figures you can use, but it's always best to contact us for a more detailed breakdown for your own individual needs.


To learn more about our pricing, we also encourage you to watch the video below:

Free Download

A Guide to Purchasing 911 Dispatch Furniture

Everything you wanted to know about 911 dispatch workstations and consoles including how they can make your staff healthier and more productive.

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