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Xybix Warranty Information

At Xybix, we are proud to stand behind our industry-leading Premier Plus Warranty.

If you require parts or repairs, we are your single point of contact. We pride ourselves on having the friendliest and most responsive customer service department in the industry.


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Premier Plus Warranty
Xybix is committed to keeping your 24/7 mission-critical workstations at the ready

Lifetime - If we built it, we guarantee it for as long as you own it.
10 Years - If we supplied it, we guarantee it for 10 years.
5 Years - If something goes wrong, we cover labor and shipping for 5 years.
24/7 Customer Support - Reach a helpful person or watch a series of support videos any time of day or night to help you troubleshoot and track issues to resolution: 303-683-5656


Premier Service: For a timely warranty solution, the Buyer will cooperate with the Xybix Customer Service Team. With guidance from Xybix, the Buyer agrees to perform basic troubleshooting tasks to determine the nature of the problem and to self-correct before on-site assistance can be provided. For simple replacements, Xybix will promptly ship parts to the Buyer. Required troubleshooting tasks and simple replacements will not void a valid warranty.

Xybix will provide personnel for components that require on-site repair. These repairs will be performed during normal work hours as scheduled by the Xybix Customer Service Team. For repairs that have resulted from circumstances outside the warranty coverage, and/or the Buyer imposes conditions or restrictions that increase repair costs, the Buyer agrees to reimburse Xybix for resulting additional expenses. The Buyer agrees to dispose of old parts and packing materials.

This warranty is for new purchases only and would not apply to circumstances that include normal wear and tear, damage, misuse, power surges, modififications, consumable items, mobile/tablet devices or software, or products shipped outside the United States. Any repairs, substitute products, or replacements of equal or higher value used to resolve a warranty claim will in no way extend the applicable warranty period applied to the original product. Product repair or replacement is the Buyer’s exclusive remedy for all warranty solutions covered under this non-transferable warranty. Xybix makes no other express or implied warranties to any product except as stated above.

A printable version of this warranty is available for download here.

Have a Xybix product you purchased prior to 2021?
Contact our customer service team at 1-800-788-2810 to learn about the warranty information for your particular furniture. 


Warranty Information

Xybix Co-Owner, Ken Carson, explains the details of our industry-leading 10-Year Premier Plus Warranty


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