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Adjustable Monitor Mounts and Rollervision

Control the depth of your entire monitor array or quickly and easily add monitors with Xybix's adjustable monitor mounts and patented Rollervision technology.


Picture of Xybix Rollervision


Xybix Rollervision

Experience the effortless power of Rollervision as it enables you to effortlessly adjust focal depth in a heartbeat. Achieve the pinnacle of ergonomic perfection in mere seconds.



Xybix’s US patented Rollervision is one of a kind. It provides unmatched flexibility and stability while retaining a full 10" of ergonomic focal depth adjustment.

Xybix’s Rollervision offers the ability to move an entire array of monitors easily and in seconds. It also supports dual-rows of monitors and a variety of configurations. Our latest revision to Rollervision has strengthened the monitor focal depth adjustment and we’ve added more stability then ever before.

Rollervision Photo

Key Features of Rollervision:

  • Unmatched stability ensured by a double thick aluminum extrusion.
  • Achieve a sleek and clutter-free appearance with the option to add a second row of monitors without a crossbar.
  • Keep your wiring hidden and secure via Rollervision's robust cable channel.
  • Versatile design that effortlessly accommodates both straight and curved monitors.
  • Enjoy a maximum screen size of 52" with a full 10" focal depth adjustment.
  • Experience long-lasting perfection as Rollervision never sags or requires re-adjustment.
Rollervision Photo


Monitor Arms vs. Multi-Monitor Arrays

Using monitor arms for multiple monitors may be sufficient for individual use. However, in 24/7 dispatch, command and control, and healthcare imaging facilities where each shift needs to adjust monitors, this can compromise team health.

A monitor array with equipped with Rollervision allows users to adjust their view in seconds, ensuring a consistent ergonomic working position for all users. 

Multi-Monitor Array Photos

Display Mounting Options

Discover different monitor mounting options for different monitor arrangements and sizes.

(While this video showcases imaging desks, it's applicable to arrays of any sort)



National Ergonomic Standards for Multiple Monitor Computers

Xybix's technology ensures accurate settings for multiple monitors with the push of a button. According to the HFES National Ergonomic Standard - ANSI/HFES 100-2007, the best ergonomic working environment for multiple monitor computer users includes

  • 25° downward view angle to the center of the screen, equal focal distance for each monitor
  • Perpendicular horizontal view angle to each screen
  • Adjustability of the focal distance to accommodate individual visual requirements (with a minimum of 10" back and forth adjustment and a suggested range of 19"-29").
Monitor Array Photo

Want to know more about Rollervision and our monitor array system? See something you like but are curious about customization? We have you covered! Drop us a line and we'll get back to you ASAP.