A monitor arch built for the future technology expansion of your Comm Center or Control Room.

Adding monitors, large screens or a second row of monitors is now supported with the strength of aluminum and the durability you’d expect.

Rollervision® Focal Depth Monitor Adjustment Platform

Xybix’s US patented Rollervision® has gone through an update.

In 2017, Xybix’s Rollervision® now includes better engineering, a cleaner look and feel as well as a patent update. Xybix’s monitor focal depth adjustment platform has been strengthened and we’ve added more stability then ever before.

  • Double thick aluminum extrusion for a more stable platform
  • Second height row of monitors without crossbar (cleaner look)
  • Bigger, better cable management
  • Holds curved monitors with ease
  • Can fit up to a 52” screen with full 10" focal depth adjustment
  • Never sags, or needs re-adjustment
Xybix Rollervision Monitor Focal Depth
Xybix Rollervision Rear

Rear view Xybix Rollervision®

Xybix Rollervision Push Pull Focal Depth Adjustment

Easy push/pull 10" of adjustment 

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