Xybix vs. the Competition

In a consumer society with endless options, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the choices. The best strategy is to make sure you’re comparing apples to apples and focus on the features you really need—whether you’re buying an actual Apple product, a car or a control room console. To help with your research on consoles, we’ve compiled details on key differences and a handy side-by-side comparison chart based on the Xybix next-gen Eagle line of products and options.


Xybix vs. EVANS Consoles

When you look for innovation, EVANS Consoles and Xybix stand shoulder-to-shoulder in offering unique features for operators and dispatchers. The EVANS and Xybix consoles carry a lifetime warranty on the parts they manufacture. A significant difference between these companies is access—the proximity to the manufacturing plant, the availability of the customer service department and the number of entities the product sells through to get to you. Xybix products are made in the USA, the company takes pride in the 24/7 customer service department and it does not sell through a dealership network. Another difference between EVANS and Xybix arises in comfort and ergonomics. 


Space for your knees and legs goes beyond the desire to stretch out on a long shift. This space is dictated by OSHA for safety and necessary for proper ergonomic positioning.

EVANS Consoles provide ample space for computers under the consoles but not quite enough room to really stretch out and get comfortable. The Xybix Eagle consoles place computer cabinets off to the side, leaving plenty of space to stretch while remaining productive. A user in a wheelchair or walking boot will appreciate the extra space.


In control rooms, teams answer the phone and serve their communities and customers 24 hours a day. Don’t these dedicated users deserve the same level of service when something goes wrong?

EVANS Consoles has struggled to provide quick and effective solutions for their clients’ needs. This is why Xybix pulled best practices from other industries and developed a live 24-hour customer service process. Give them a call and you’ll hear the difference yourself. Xybix also works to ensure that all parts are available until aging products are truly obsolete.


Consoles must be adjustable so users of any size can maintain neutral wrist alignment while standing or sitting with feet comfortably on the ground. These types of ergonomic adjustments matter in dispatch, utilities and healthcare roles that require 10- to 12-hour shifts.

EVANS Consoles fall short here with an adjustable range of 29" to 45.5". The Xybix Eagle sit-to-stand desk adjustable range is 22" to 48", accommodating everyone from a 5th percentile sitting female to a 95th percentile standing male. Whether you’re 4’11" or 6’2", the Xybix console lowers or raises to suit you.


Location matters when it comes to efficient delivery and service.

EVANS Consoles manufactures up in Calgary, so your freight charges include that extra distance. The Xybix manufacturing facility is conveniently located in Littleton, Colorado, smack in the middle of the United States. We provide good jobs in our community and stand at the ready for any service needs.


When you work with a business that is owned and run by family members, they take your projects personally.

EVANS boasts nearly 40 years’ experience in manufacturing and designing for control rooms, but the corporation is driven by financial interests. With Xybix, the Carson family has been involved in the day-to-day business for 30+ years. Dave Carson and his sons Kenny and Barry are passionate about quality, safety and ergonomics to ensure that your employees are able to be at their best every day. If you have an issue with a Xybix console, the family reputation is on the line and they are ready to serve.

Xybix vs. Winsted Consoles

Winsted is a massive international company with a broad product line. As a result, the service is not as personalized and the products are not as specialized. The Xybix Eagle consoles compare to the Winsted Ascend Sit/Stand consoles, with the Xybix consoles a clear winner when it comes to ergonomics, monitor management and overall service.


Size matters when it comes to selecting the right consoles. To accommodate users from 4’11" to 6’2" with proper ergonomics, the surface needs to lower to 22" and raise to 48".

Winsted’s Ascend consoles only lower to 30", similar to the average fixed desk in an office. This doesn’t work for shorter people—including the 35% of women who are under 5’4" and require a desk that lowers to the 24"–26" range. These shorter employees will need to raise their chair to reach the keyboard with a neutral wrist or risk carpal tunnel/tendonitis. Raising the chair leaves their feet dangling, so they need a footrest to prevent lower back pain.

Xybix designed its height-adjustable Eagle consoles with a 22" to 48" range to meet ANSI/HFES standards for ergonomics. With the press of a button shorter employees are able to lower the console so the tabletop, keyboard and monitors are perfectly placed. Whether you’re sitting or standing, the console height can make the difference in preventing eyestrain, neck strain, wrist pain and more.


In 24/7 environments, you need to quickly adjust monitor placement to the proper focal depth at shift change. This prevents eyestrain and headaches from constantly refocusing your eyes. When the process is difficult, you are less likely to make the adjustments. What you really need is for all the monitors to move easily at once.

Winsted’s Ascend Sit/Stand consoles provide Versa-Trak monitor support, which allows for precise placement of multiple monitors but not simultaneous movement. In fact, you might need to adjust 6 or 8 monitors individually before starting your shift. The Xybix patented Rollervision system provides an exceptionally strong, stable platform for simultaneously adjusting one or two rows of monitors. The system provides cable management and accommodates curved monitors and up to 52" screens with ease.


Consoles are an investment that you’ll be living with for 10+ years. You want the consoles to look good, feel good and be made to last. But a single console is usually just a cog in the wheel. In a busy dispatch center, control room or healthcare environment, space planning comes into play. Everything needs to fit and the arrangement needs to work for you.

From Winsted, you can expect computerized design and customer service at their speed not yours. They offer flat-packed or pre-assembled consoles for you to install yourself, or you can have one of their factory technicians install them onsite for you. The family-owned Xybix, on the other hand, is all about personalized service. A degreed and experienced interior designer is assigned to your project from start to finish. Xybix also offers complementary project management and expert installation/live cutover services from veteran installation teams. When you need help with a product, you can reach a live person via a 24/7 customer service hotline.


Control room consoles need to withstand 24/7 use, easily adjust for each user and bear the weight of critical equipment without bowing or tipping. To ensure the safety and quality of office furniture solutions, the Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association (BIFMA) develops safety and performance standards.

Winsted consoles are not BIFMA certified. All Xybix products and moving parts are engineered for optimal performance and they easily withstand voluntary BIFMA testing. These third-party tests help ensure superior product performance over time.


The last thing you want is a warranty that’s all fine print. It’s difficult to have confidence in products and take advantage of the warranty when needed if you can’t even understand what’s covered.

Winsted offers a lifetime warranty on fixed steel structure frame components, which is great. Then there’s a 10-year warranty on adjustable, sliding or hinged components and laminated surfaces; 5 years on Endurance Plus and TruForm surfaces; and 2 years on electrical components and chairs. With Xybix, if we built it, we cover it for as long as you own it. This lifetime warranty covers everything we manufacture, including the panel tiles, all cabinetry, Rollervision and laminated surfaces. Moving and electrical parts, labor and shipping are covered for 10 years. Xybix simplified the warranty to reflect confidence in our suppliers as well as the products we manufacture. For example, we cover the lighting for 10 years even if the light manufacturer only warranties it for 1 year.

A warranty is only as good as the service behind it. With Xybix customer service, you’ll reach a live person 24/7 and receive prompt service, whether your products are 2 years old or 20. If something out of warranty fails, we’ll work with you to make it right at a reasonable cost. We also offer extended warranty programs if you prefer moving parts to be covered longer than 6 years.

Xybix vs. Bramic Industries

Xybix and Bramic Industries both excel in height-adjustable range and cable management features. Key differences arise in computer access and acoustic options. In dispatch centers and control rooms, people work long shifts in stressful situations. They’re at a console for 8 to 12 hours, so they need a workstation that respects the mind and body. If trouble occurs with a computer, easy access without disrupting the operator is critical. Every aspect of the Xybix made-in-the-USA Eagle console is thoughtfully and ergonomically designed so you can be at your best. We reviewed Bramic’s Marathon Sit/Stand Height Adjustable console made in Canada. The Marathon is solid and capable of fitting all the equipment and cables, but it suffers when it comes to fitting the person and providing access to IT.


On a normal day, it may not matter where computers are placed in command center consoles. IT can reach around and perform maintenance easily enough. But when utility operators are battling inclement weather and a computer has issues, the IT tech needs quick and easy access to the front and back of that equipment—often while the operator is still working at that desk. This is how we reviewed the computer access in the Bramic Marathon and Xybix Eagle consoles.

In terms of computer access, the differences between these two consoles is pronounced. The Bramic product has nicely contained computer storage in front of your knees. This means cabling is compact and access is challenging even without an operator working at the console. The Xybix Eagle places computer storage to the side or back-side of the console for easy on-the-fly IT access. Hot-swaps of equipment and regular maintenance are a snap with this design.


If you’ve ever jockeyed for leg space under your desk with a CPU, trash can, filing cabinet and backpack, we feel your pain. It’s not just annoying, it’s a little unsafe. OSHA actually dictates the amount of space you need for safety and proper ergonomic positioning.

Comparing the leg and knee space of a Bramic console to a Xybix Eagle console is like comparing first class to coach. And who wants to sit in coach for 10 or 12 hours? Plenty of room to stretch is key to staying alert and staying healthy.


Typical office noise from people talking, computers, printers and ventilation tracks at about 65 decibels—a little less than a vacuum cleaner. This level of noise can impact reading comprehension and memory, contribute to mistakes, decrease productivity, increase stress and illness, lower job satisfaction and harm morale.

This is why manufacturers of technical furniture tend to provide acoustic panels and other solutions. Both manufacturers here offer panel systems and colors to match your center. Bramic Industries skips the solutions for absorbing sound while Xybix is all in. Degreed and experienced interior designers assist with every project, from start to finish, including helping you select high-efficiency acoustic panels and other panel wall options such as white boards or glass.

Features Comparison Chart






Standing Desk Height Range1 22" - 48" 29" - 45.5" 30" - 46" Keyboard: 23"-50"
Monitors: 28"-53"
ANSI/HFES 100-2007 Compliance GreenCheck RedX RedX GreenCheck
Single-Reach All-Monitor Adjustment GreenCheck GreenCheck RedX GreenCheck
Easy Monitor Replacement or Expansion for 49" Curved Screen GreenCheck GreenCheck GreenCheck GreenCheck
Second Tier Monitors can be Lowered to Eye Level GreenCheck GreenCheck GreenCheck RedX
Ample Knee and Leg Space GreenCheck RedX RedX RedX
Warranty: Lifetime on Manufactured Parts GreenCheck GreenCheck GreenCheck GreenCheck
Warranty: Total Years for Moving Parts 6 Years 3 Years: Climate/Lighting
5 Years: Arms/Lifts

10 Years: Slides/Hinges
2 Years: Electronics

5 Years
Manufactured in the USA GreenCheck RedX GreenCheck RedX
24/7 Live Customer Service Department GreenCheck RedX RedX RedX
Degreed & Dedicated Interior Design Team Based in the USA GreenCheck RedX RedX RedX
Designs in 3D with Revit or AutoCAD for Architects GreenCheck GreenCheck GreenCheck GreenCheck
Has Various Room Layout and Configurations GreenCheck GreenCheck GreenCheck GreenCheck
Greenguard Certification2 GreenCheck GreenCheck GreenCheck RedX
BIFMA Certified: All Moving Parts Passed & Certified3 GreenCheck GreenCheck RedX GreenCheck
IT/CPU Access Without Stopping Work or Removing Panels GreenCheck GreenCheck GreenCheck GreenCheck
High-Efficiency Acoustic Panels (>.70 NRC) GreenCheck GreenCheck RedX RedX
Has National Buying Contracts including GSA(1), HGAC(2), or NASPO(3) 1, 2, & 3 1 & 2 only 1 only 1 only
Panel Wall Options include Acoustic, Slatwall, Whiteboard, Melamine and Glass GreenCheck GreenCheck RedX GreenCheck
Active-Cooled, Redundant CPU enclosure GreenCheck GreenCheck GreenCheck RedX
Project Management and Carpet Installation Services GreenCheck GreenCheck RedX GreenCheck
In-House Installation with Live Cutover Expertise GreenCheck GreenCheck RedX GreenCheck
Family-Owned GreenCheck RedX RedX GreenCheck






  1. Height range refers to the lowest and highest position the sit-to-stand desk frame allows. Xybix furniture adjusts to the perfect ergonomic position for someone 4'11" all the way to 6'2", sitting or standing, an ANSI/HFES 100-2007 requirement.

  2. UL Greenguard Certification indicates the consoles have been independently tested to meet one of the most stringent chemical emission standards in the world. See the Xybix certificate here.

  3. BIFMA (Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association) certified consoles have been tested by independent labs to meet standards for durability, stability and safety. Xybix took BIFMA compliance a step further. At the headquarters, Xybix quality engineers ran the frame up/down for 20,000 cycles with 300 lbs on the desktop to test its durability against competitors’ frames. The tests ran 24/7 for 3 months and proved that Xybix is producing the highest quality in the industry.

 Note: These comparisons are based on information published on company websites and in public RFPs; competitor information is current as of October 2020.

Now that you’ve had a chance to see how Xybix compares to other command center console manufacturers, we believe the choice is clear. We encourage you to contact us about your next project. Let us help you make your workspace healthier and more productive for your mission-critical staff.