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Xybix Desks for Radiology

Transform your radiology workspace with Xybix's state-of-the-art sit-to-stand desks and tables. Trusted by top healthcare providers such as Kaiser Permanente, UCHealth, and the Kettering Health Network, our innovative designs not only improve productivity but also promote better health and well-being for you and your team. Let Xybix be your partner in creating a healthier and more efficient work environment.

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A Technical Overview on Xybix Radiology & Healthcare Desks

Everything you wanted to know about radiology workstations and consoles including how they can help you be healthier and more productive.

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Let Xybix help you build or update your radiology reading room the right way.

Xybix understands the unique demands of radiologists and provides tailored solutions for your reading room. Our radiology imaging desks are designed to accommodate a wide range of monitor sizes and arrays, customized to meet your exact needs. With customizable lighting options, you can light your environment to maximize your visibility. Our 3D laminate desk surfaces are not only durable but also easy to clean. To top it off, our sit-to-stand functionality ensures your comfort, health, and productivity. Trust Xybix to build or update your radiology reading room the right way.


Xybix Imaging Desks for Radiologists

Discover the top 3 things that set Xybix apart, features to look for on any helathcare desk, and more.


Choose the Desk That Meets Your Needs:

The XM4 desk features three legs for reliable stability while the fixed monitor shelf provides raised viewing and pinpoint ergonomic positioning for 1-2 users. Say goodbye to muscle and joint pain with the perfect healthcare desk for any home office.

Designed for:
  • Home/Small Offices & Reading Rooms
  • Administrative Offices
  • Digital Pathology
Our flagship XM6 desk has all the
functionality of the XM4, but with dual work surfaces and Rollervision™ focal depth adjustment for improved ergonomic functionality. Rollervision™ provides unmatched comfort and
flexibility for offices with multiple users.

Designed for:
  • Radiology PACS Workstation
  • Cardiology PACS Workstation
  • MRI & CT Control Rooms
The premium XM8 desk includes all the features of the XM6, but with a heavy-duty monitor arc to facilitate multiple rows of monitors of all sizes and configurations. The XM8 provides
unmatched utility and convenience for offices with a wide variety of users.

Designed for:
  • Operations Command Centers
  • ICU Telemetry & Telemedicine
  • IT Admin., Security, & Ambulance



XM Series Desk Comparison

Learn what makes each XM desk unique, the features of each desk, and who each desk is designed for:


XM4 Desk XM6 Desk XM8 Desk
Features Available:
Sit-to-Stand Functionality
Medical-Grade 3D Laminate Desktop
Support for Multiple Monitors
Ambient Bias Lighting
AXYS Control System Software
Rollervision™ Focal Depth Adjustment
Personal Climate Control
Under-Surface Lighting
Adjustable "Goose-Neck" Desktop Lights
Data Dock USB/Data Ports
Cable Management & PC Hangers
Dual Work Surface Compatible
Multi-Level Monitor Array
Fixed Heads-Up Monitor Surface
Add-On PET Privacy Panel Available


"We have been using Xybix desks for over 10 years. The quality of their desks, service/support,  and attention to detail is unparalleled"

Steve Callery
Colorado Imaging Associates

View additional customer testimonials here

Why should you choose Xybix desks for your radiology reading room?

The Following Features Are Available for Xybix Radiology Desks:

Photo of AXYS

AXYS Control Center Software

Take full control of your workspace with our AXYS system. Adjust your desk's worksurface height, monitor height, lighting intensity/color, climate, and more right from your PC, tablet, or phone. Create your perfect combination and save it as a "scene" for quick and effortless recall. The power is in your hands.

Additional information on AXYS is available here.

Photo of Desk Lifts

Height-Adjustable Worksurfaces  

Transform your work experience with height-adjustable worksurfaces that allow you to seamlessly transition from sitting to standing in mere seconds. Not only does this innovative feature provide a healthier approach to your day-to-day routine, but it also boosts productivity like never before. Sit-to-stand desks have been proven to enhance your overall wellbeing and work performance.

Additional information is available here.

Close-up of Desktop Photo

3D Laminated Desktops

Don't let your office desk be a breeding ground for bacteria! Xybix knows that traditional desks can harbor germs in the seams, but our 3D laminated desktops are different. They are not only more hygienic and easier to clean, but also more durable. Trust us, you won't miss that average desktop once you experience the Xybix difference.

Additional information is available here.

Photo of Rollervision


With Xybix's RollervisionTM, you can effortlessly and swiftly move an entire array of monitors for optimal ergonomic positioning. The patented technology allows for focal depth adjustment, ensuring comfort and ease while you work. Plus, RollervisionTM supports a vast range of monitor sizes and configurations, offering endless possibilities for your workspace setup. (XM6 and XM8 only)

Additional information is available here.

Photo of Undersurface Lighting

Customizable Ambient Lighting

Radiology professionals require specialized lighting, and Xybix radiology desks deliver just that. Our desks come equipped with bias, footwell, and monitor arc lighting that can be customized for brightness and color within seconds. Say goodbye to eye strain and hello to a more comfortable and efficient work experience.

Additional information is available here.

Heater Photo

Personal Climate Control

Take control of your work environment with Personal Climate Control. Set your preferred heating and cooling settings for your workspace, and save them for easy access. Experience a more comfortable climate that can enhance your productivity and make your workday more enjoyable.

Additional information is available here.

Task Light Photo

Desktop Task Lighting

Illuminate your workspace with Xybix's energy-saving LED task lighting options. Our LUXE2 flexible task lights allow you to pivot the light to any angle on your work surface. With compatibility with AXYS, you can easily adjust the brightness of the LED lights, too. Plus, the light remains cool to the touch. (XM6 and XM8 only)

Additional information is available here.

Photo of Cable Management

End-to-End Cable Management

Xybix has mastered the art of keeping your cables tucked away and protected while still ensuring that they're accessible as needed. 

Additional information is available here.

Photo of the Data Dock

Data Dock

Looking for a way to expand your data ports without sacrificing precious workspace? Look no further than our Data Dock! We offer a range of additional USB, CAT-6, and RJ11/45 ports, all conveniently located just inches from your worksurface. And the best part? You get to choose exactly which ports you need. Let us help you stay connected and productive with our customizable Data Dock. (XM6 and XM8 only)

Additional information is available here.

In addition to radiology, we have outfitted a variety of other healthcare facilities as well. Check out some sample galleries below:


Want to see a variety of build-outs we have done for inspiration? Check out our project photo galleries and our video gallery.

Free Download

A Technical Overview on Xybix Radiology & Healthcare Desks

Everything you wanted to know about radiology workstations and consoles including how they can help you be healthier and more productive.

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