Xybix vs. the Competition

Some people can take their desks for granted. Not so radiologists. They need to remain alert and healthy to power through a high volume of work, and a solid imaging desk can play a big part in that. The right desk can offer a quiet, appropriately-lit, comfortable environment that makes it easy to view multiple monitors while sitting or standing in the proper ergonomic fashion to reduce eyestrain and musculoskeletal injuries. In addition, these desks need to be workhorses able to manage 100+lbs and $100K worth of monitors.

That’s why all the healthcare imaging desks that we compare provide all the basics. These desks can all support multiple heavy monitors and they expertly manage cables to ensure that expensive equipment isn’t accidently yanked down. Imaging desks are all height adjustable for ergonomics and sit-to-stand flexibility. Finally, to provide proper lighting for reading scans, optional bias and task lighting is available.

Where the differences arise in imaging desks is in ergonomics and value. All vendors give a nod to ergonomics, some with the enthusiasm of a bobblehead and others with a slight dip of the chin. And yet a desk that offers proper ergonomics for all shows that you value your employees—your most significant asset—and want to protect their health.

Speaking of value, you definitely want to consider longevity and cost per year while price shopping healthcare imaging desks. For example, a $6,000 desk may seem like a bargain. But if the $6,000 desk only lasts 5 years, you just paid $1,200 per year. A better bet is a $10,000 desk with a 12-year lifespan running about $830 per year. Chances are, the $10,000 desk lasts longer because it’s made better, meaning less breakdowns and service issues as well. In fact, you’ll often see differences in product warranties that indicate confidence—or lack thereof—in quality and craftsmanship.

To help you compare healthcare imaging desks, we’ve done the groundwork for you. Please read on, and feel free to give us a call if you have any questions.


Xybix vs. AFC Industries

The Xybix Healthcare Imaging Desks go head-to-head with AFC Industries Adjustable Desks for Radiology. Both workstations are legit when it comes to key features such as managing multiple monitors, providing design and installation services, meeting BIFMA durability standards, and offering optional niceties such as cup holders, personal heating/cooling systems and task/bias lighting. AFC Industries workstations are more affordable and available off the shelf, but the long-term value suffers by comparison. Xybix shines when it comes to more refined ergonomics and warranty coverage.


The ergonomics of a desk need to be just right to prevent painful and costly repetitive stress injuries. And beyond that, it is just the right thing to do! To help avoid tendonitis, carpal tunnel and cubital tunnel, you must be able to sit or stand at your workstation with your wrists in a neutral position. In addition, the right desk height also is important for achieving proper focal distance to monitors, thereby preventing eyestrain, neck pain and headaches. While seated, you must be able to place your feet comfortably on the ground and have ample leg room to stretch out to prevent lower back and hip pain.

Healthcare workstations are highly adjustable to ensure that all users can achieve proper ergonomics. According to the ANSI/HFES 100-2007 ergonomic standard, this means a workstation should adjust to meet the needs of a 4’11” sitting user, a 6’6” standing user and everyone in between.

AFC Industries workstations only lower to a standard desktop height of 28”, best suited to people in the neighborhood of 5’10” (which is 1” taller than the average American man). Shorter users will need quite a foot stool to keep their legs from dangling, invading AFC’s already limited knee and leg room. Xybix exceeds the ANSI/HFES standard with a height-adjustable range of 22” to 48” inches, easily accommodating nearly everyone. If you have an ergonomist on site, he or she will appreciate compliance with ANSI/HFES and the flexibility it provides when tailoring a workstation to each user’s needs.


As a customer, you can see the confidence a company has in their products through the warranty. With healthcare imaging desks, the warranty is particularly important because the desks are in use for long hours and they bear the weight of heavy equipment. If a monitor arm malfunctions or a lift column fails, you may be out of commission as surgeons and doctors wait for scans. You not only need confidence that the desk is built to last, but that if something does happen, customer service is there to help.

AFC Industries covers certain materials and workmanship for the life of the product. High-wear and movable parts are covered for 6 years and electronics, motors and lights for 1 year. While AFC expresses confidence in what it manufactures, the parts manufactured elsewhere (such as the motors) get short-shrift on the warranty. Should something go wrong, you’ll need to wait until regular office hours to reach AFC’s customer service.

Xybix, too, offers a lifetime warranty on the products manufactured in-house, including the steel frames and desktops. To share confidence in suppliers, all other parts are covered for 10 years. Xybix offers a single point of contact no matter what goes wrong—plus 24/7 access to live customer service.

Xybix vs. RedRick Technologies

To compare apples to apples, we will take a look at the Xybix Healthcare Imaging Desks and RedRick’s radiology workstations. Both companies design and manufacture top-of-the-line products with a common focus on ergonomics, which is critical for radiologists to continually and accurately read scans. Key differences arise in the ergonomic focus and the strength of the warranty.


A healthy, comfortable, quiet workplace enhances morale and productivity. That’s why RedRick and Xybix both excel in ergonomics, although Redrick’s desk only lowers to 24” compared to Xybix, which drops to 22” to accommodate even the shortest radiologists. As a result, the RedRick workstations do not comply with the ANSI/HFES 100-2007 ergonomic standard.


Manufacturers often provide a lifetime warranty—meaning for as long as you own the product—on parts they actually manufacture. The parts manufactured by other companies, such as lift columns or lighting, often have a more limited warranty. In either case, a look at the warranty can provide a strong indication of the manufacturer’s confidence in their quality and their suppliers’ quality.

RedRick covers the parts that they manufacture for the lifetime of the desk with a 10-year warranty on everything else. It's worth noting that the desks are manufactured in Canada, so parts and service could take a little longer and costs could be affected by international affairs.

Xybix covers their made-in-the-USA Imaging Healthcare Desks with a lifetime warranty on the steel frame and desktop. Parts from other suppliers are covered for 10 years, even if the original manufacturer offers a shorter warranty. While the warranty expresses confidence in the quality of all components, nothing is foolproof. If something fails on the desk, Xybix offers 24/7 live customer service to triage issues—something no other manufacturer offers.

Xybix vs. Biomorph Desk

The Xybix Healthcare Imaging Desk compares to the Biomorph Plus Series, Level Series and Flexo Series. Both companies meet ergonomic standards in terms of height, but Xybix clearly provides a better viewing experience for radiologists. Biomorph beats the industry on price but not necessarily in service and usability—the company offers a more bare-bones, DIY experience than Xybix.


The eyes have it in radiology. Users need fresh eyes to provide the best care. This means placing monitors at the proper focal distance to prevent the headaches, eyestrain and neck pain that can result from comparing images on multiple monitors.

Biomorph desks use monitor arms that require users to adjust each monitor individually, a tedious process with 5 or 6 monitors in play. In a shared workstation environment,users may not take the time to adjust the monitors despite the tired eyes that may follow. Xybix helps users achieve proper focal distance with the patented Rollervision monitor array. One touch brings all the monitors to the right spot, and the rollers offer the flexibility to pull the monitors in for a closer look as needed.


If you’re just adding or replacing one desk, design services may not matter. But when you’re taking on a major remodel or designing a new radiology room from scratch, support from an experienced team is invaluable. With a degreed and dedicated designer, you can create a reading environment that propels productivity, increases efficiency and decreases errors—all contributing to better patient outcomes.

Biomorph provides some assistance with selecting and placing desks—after you fax (!) or email in your space layout. Xybix really shines in this area, starting with on-site consultations for remodels and services for architects when involved in a new build. After a sales pro analyzes your space and needs, a degreed designer takes over and remains with your project until it’s complete. Xybix designers are experts in all aspects of space planning, from efficient and productive desk configurations to ADA compliance and electrical requirements. Your project comes to life through 3D renderings that showcase colors and finishes in addition to the overall layout.

Features Comparison Chart






Standing Desk Height Range1 22" - 48" 28" - 47" 24" - 51" 22.1" - 48.6"
ANSI/HFES 100-2007 Compliance GreenCheck RedX RedX GreenCheck
Single-Reach All-Monitor Adjustment GreenCheck GreenCheck GreenCheck RedX
Easy Monitor Replacement or Expansion for 49" Curved Screen GreenCheck GreenCheck GreenCheck RedX
Ample Knee and Leg Space GreenCheck RedX GreenCheck GreenCheck
Warranty: Lifetime on Manufactured Parts GreenCheck GreenCheck GreenCheck GreenCheck
Warranty: Total Years for Moving Parts 10 Years 1 Year: Electrical, Motors, & Lights
10 Years 5 Years
Manufactured in the USA GreenCheck GreenCheck RedX GreenCheck
24/7 Live Customer Service Department GreenCheck RedX RedX RedX
Degreed & Dedicated Interior Design Team GreenCheck GreenCheck GreenCheck RedX
Has Various Room Layout and Configurations GreenCheck RedX GreenCheck RedX
Greenguard Certification2 GreenCheck GreenCheck Partial
BIFMA Certified: All Moving Parts Passed & Certified3 GreenCheck GreenCheck RedX GreenCheck
Easy Cable Management via Raceways/Energy-Chains GreenCheck GreenCheck GreenCheck GreenCheck
Healthy, Durable, Easy-to-Clean Desktop Material Healthcare-Grade 3D Laminate HDPE Surface w/ Antimicrobial Powder Coating Option Information Unavailable Baked-on Catalyzed Lacquer
Coffee-Cup Holder Option GreenCheck GreenCheck GreenCheck RedX
Personal Heating/Cooling Option GreenCheck GreenCheck RedX RedX
Task & Bias Lighting Option GreenCheck GreenCheck GreenCheck GreenCheck
High-efficiency acoustic panels to lower noise (>.70 NRC) GreenCheck GreenCheck GreenCheck RedX
Project management and carpet installation services GreenCheck RedX GreenCheck GreenCheck
In-House Installation with Live Cutover Expertise GreenCheck GreenCheck GreenCheck GreenCheck






  1. Height range refers to the lowest and highest position the sit-to-stand desk frame allows. Xybix furniture adjusts to the perfect ergonomic position for someone 4'11" all the way to 6'2", sitting or standing, an ANSI/HFES 100-2007 requirement.

  2. UL Greenguard Certification indicates the consoles have been independently tested to meet one of the most stringent chemical emission standards in the world. See the Xybix certificate here.

  3. BIFMA (Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association) certified consoles have been tested by independent labs to meet standards for durability, stability and safety. Xybix took BIFMA compliance a step further. At the headquarters, Xybix quality engineers ran the frame up/down for 20,000 cycles with 300 lbs on the desktop to test its durability against competitors’ frames. The tests ran 24/7 for 3 months and proved that Xybix is producing the highest quality in the industry.

 Note: These comparisons are based on information published on company websites and in public RFPs; competitor information is current as of October 2020.

Now that you’ve had a chance to see how Xybix compares to other healthcare desk manufacturers, we believe the choice is clear. We encourage you to contact us about your next project. Let us help you make your workspace healthier and more productive for your mission-critical staff.