Accessorize For Comfort

Xybix workstation console accessories allow you to customize and upgrade your workplace environment for maximum efficiency and productivity including:

  • Drawer Pedestals
  • Status Light Indicator
  • Task Lighting
  • Bias Lighting
  • Workstation Cup holder
Xybix Accessories for Comfort

Drawer Pedestals for your workstation storage

Xybix's drawer pedestal provides workstation storage for paperwork, pens, pencils, and personal items. Integrated with the workstation these storage pedestals provide quick access and convenience. 

Options and features include:

  • Multiple drawer configurations
  • Quiet soft close drawer hardware
  • Master keyed, core changeable locks
  • Available in a variety of finishes including wood grain
911 Center Indicator Light
Xybix Drawer Pedestals


Status Indicator Lights

Gain real-time visibility into the status of your team with status indicator lights. Managers and users can see the status of team members for better responsiveness and management. 

Options and benefits:

  • LED Lights for long life
  • 1-4 different color indicators
  • Flashing or solid lighting
  • Can be connected to MyClimate
  • Can integrate with phone and radio
  • 5-6 color tier options can be requested (additional cost)
  • Easily sync with phone or manual switch
  • Multiple usage configurations available
  • LED light provides long life, reliability and low wattage use
  • Programmable for steady or flashing alert
  • UL Listed
  • Multiple mounting options


Plexiglass Barriers by Xybix


As COVID-19, influenza, and even the common cold are threatening your mission-critical employees our PlexiGuard workstation barriers will protect your staff from airborne threats spread via coughing and sneezing.

Designed to attach easily to your existing workstations, these high-quality acryllic shields provide an added layer of physical protection, without reducing visibility.

Best of all, they're affordable and easy to install in minutes. No additional build-outs or tools needed. Learn more here.


Workstation Task Lighting

Xybix offers a variety of options for energy saving LED task lighting. Our LUXE2 Task Lighting is low profile and slim to give your workstation a modern an updated look.

Multi-directional flex body can pivot to shine light anywhere on work surface. Compatible with MyClimate to easily dim and brighten with the turn of a knob, the LED light is cool to the touch. There are two task lights located on the front work surface.


Bias Lighting

Xybix’s bias lighting reduces or eliminates eye strain and viewing fatigue in dark viewing conditions and:

  • Eliminates reflections, haze and glare on the screen.
  • Enhances perceived black levels, contrast ratio, and picture detail.
  • Preserves correct color perception.

Xybix Workstation Cup Holder
Xybix Workstation Lighting


Workstation Cup Holder

Xybix offers a wide variety of workstation accessories to give users a more comfortable place to work. Xybix's cup holder is great for keeping drinks off the keyboard surface and preventing spills.

Features Include:

  • Holds large cups, coffee mugs, and cans
  • Swings out of the way when not in use


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