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Xybix vs. Competitors

Learn how Xybix stacks up with other desks, workstations, and consoles


Photo of a Command Center

Xybix vs. the Competition

In a consumer society with endless options, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the choices. The best strategy is to make sure you’re comparing apples to apples and focus on the features you really need. To help with your research, we’ve compiled details on key differences for each of the main industries in which we do business based on the current Xybix consoles and workstations.

911 Dispatch Workstation Comparison

Keeping your employees healthy, alert, and productive is an essential goal of every 911 center. Therefore, choosing the right consoles and workstations with a variety of features and benefits is a decision that cannot be overlooked. The main providers of workstations and consoles for 911/dispatch centers are Xybix, Watson, Evans, and Russ Bassett...


Command/Operations Center Workstation Comparison

When it comes to mission critical operations like utilities, transportation, and surveillance, you can't risk being down for a single second. You also need furniture that is comfortable and feature-rich for long hours and a variety of users. That's why choosing a provider for 24/7 technical furniture is so important. The main providers of workstations and consoles for command and control centers are Xybix, Evans, Winsted, and Bramic...


Radiology and Healthcare Workstation Comparison

Radiologists and healthcare workers need to remain alert and healthy to power through a high volume of work, and a solid imaging desk can play a big part in that.  In addition, these desks need to be workhorses able to manage 100+lbs and $100K worth of monitors. The main providers of 24/7 furniture for the healthcare field are Xybix, AFC, RedRick, and Biomorph...


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