Let Xybix help you build or update your 911/Dispatch facility the right way.

Planning to build or update your agency's 911 Dispatch facility can seem overwhelming. Implementing the right processes at the right time can save you headaches and mistakes later. Download any of the free 911 Workstation Planning Guides below to see how Xybix’s professional team of experienced designers, sales and installation can help guide you every step of the way.



An Initial Guide To Purchasing 911 Dispatch Workstations and Consoles


This Free Guide to Purchasing 911 Dispatch Consoles answers common questions as you begin to plan your new 911 dispatch workstations.

  • What is the average lifespan of a 911 Dispatch Console?
  • How much does a 911 Workstation cost?
  • Alternatives to a dispatch furniture Request for Proposal (RFP): Why purchasing contracts can be a win-win


911 Dispatch Call Center Workstation installed by Xybix

Sample Build-Outs

Chester County 911 Rendering Space Design

Chester County 911, PA

Renderings of Chester County 911, PA. Xybix creates 3D modeling of your new workstation(s) and PSAP or Comm Center floor plan to see a real-life scenario put together.



Marion County Rendering

Marion County Public Safety, FL

Drawings of Marion County, FL floor plan with consoles. These drawings are custom created to fit your specific needs and desires for functionality, comfort, and use.


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