Air Quality

Xybix is committed to producing better, safer products and encourages all of our customers to choose better indoor air quality for better health and performance.

The UL Greenguard Certification Program should be considered a requirement when choosing your next furniture console.

UL GREENGUARD Certification program is an independent, third-party organization that certifies products for low volatile organic chemical emissions or VOC’s.  Xybix’s UL Greenguard Certification allows you to rest easy knowing that your entire workstation has been independently tested and is able to meet one of the most stringent chemical emission standards in the world.

People are becoming more aware of how our environment, inside and out, can impact our health and quality of life. Xybix carefully chooses materials and manufacturing techniques that minimize the emission of VOC’s. Great indoor air quality is critical to providing a healthy and safe work environment.  Indoor air quality, adds to the ergonomics of a workstation allowing you to function at your best!

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