Xybix Bias Lighting

Xybix's Bias Lighting

Features and Benefits of Xybix's Bias Lighting Include:

  • Reduces or eliminates eye strain and viewing fatigue in dark viewing conditions.
  • Eliminates image contamination due to reflections, haze and glare on the screen from conventional room lighting.
  • Enhances perceived black levels, contrast ratio, and picture detail by enabling dark adapted viewing.
  • Preserves correct color perception by the viewer.
  • Works with a low level illumination in reading rooms to provide light for movement and peripheral activities.
  • LED's Light the Path Forward in Workstation Lighting

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Xybix MyClimate Personal Climate Controls

MyClimate Personal Climate Controls


My Climate - Control your environment and comfort at your finger tips, using MyClimate personal climate controls.  Controlling your immediate environment, heating, cooling and lighting can lead to a more productive work day.

  • Filtered adjustable fan speed control
  • Dim and brighten up to two LED task lights
  • Easy “on/off” button for heater and status indicator light
  • (2) 250W forced air directional heaters
  • Bias lighting dim and brighten capability
  • Motion detector turns off climate control features when station unoccupied

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Xybix Medical Rollervision


Xybix’s patented Rollervision® is a multiple computer monitor focal depth adjustment technology.  Now users can ease eye strain by adjusting ALL of their workstation monitors with one single motion. 

  • The monitors are located on a movable platform which is attached to an arched metal frame, on which six or more computer monitors may be attached. 
  • Ball bearing polyurethane wheels are located under the surface of the platform and allow the entire apparatus to move in one fluid motion.  
  • A convenient small knob located on the front of the platform, allows users to make the necessary adjustments with a simple “push” and “pull” motion.
  • Monitor Arms vs. Monitor Arrays

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Xybix USB Charging Station


Metal under worksurface shelf design with increased strength when installed. A ten outlet power bar is mounted on the rear side and grommet hole has been positioned for running device power through the backside of the shelf. (perfect for items you don't want plugged into the CPU such as cell phones, iPads and more)

Optional:  A two port USB charging attachment and rack mount attachment.

Xybix DataDock

Xybix DataDock

Data Dock brings simplicity to your fingers, allowing users to quickly connect and disconnect keyboards and mice without interruption to work activities. The flip open connection bay is located on the back edge of the keyboard surface and closes flush to the desktop surface. 

Customized port options available.

More information on Xybix's Data Dock.

Xybix 3D Laminate Edge

3D Laminate Edge

Super durable and resistant to surface wear, Xybix’s new 3D laminated surface and edging keeps your console looking modern and updated while providing users with comfort and health. 
  • Seamless and contoured edge for wrist and forearm comfort.
  • New color and finish options
  • Extremely durable and ascetically pleasing
  • Resistant to the growth of surface bacteria.
Xybix CPU Hanger

CPU Hanger

Off to the side CPU equipment storage gives users and techs freedom to get their jobs done comfortably and without interruption.
  • Fixed CPU hangers underneath monitor surface, move up and down with the surface.
  • One hanger is standard, however, up to two can be added to the work station.
  • Can accommodate up to an 18.75” deep CPU.