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Grounding for Xybix Desks 


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Xybix’s standard equipment does not require any specific grounding. We recommend that you contact your radio supplier for grounding specifics.

However, we do offer optional R-56 grounding for your Xybix workstations to meet any grounding standards.


Xybix can supply workstation grounding which consists of multiple grounding bars with #6 wires up to thirteen feet and #10 wires up to three feet from ground bars. Xybix grounds all metal items on work station including; Rollervision, Power bars, metal cable management and frames.

Grounding Bar Photo

CPU / TechTower Ground Bar is the main ground bar on the workstation and will accommodate up to a #2 AWG wire. This ground bar is meant to be connected to the house ground that comes from the building.

Grounding Bar Photo

Panel frames are bonded with lay-in-lug and a #6 AWG that is connected to a grounding bar. The table base is bonded with a #6 AWG wire to each side of the table and connected to a grounding bar.

• 16 mm2 csa (#6 AWG) insulated copper conductor for lengths not exceeding 3.9 m (13 ft.).
• 6 mm2 csa (#10 AWG) insulated copper conductor for lengths not exceeding 3 m (10 ft.).
• If a longer length is required, the equipment grounding conductor should be sized according to
Table 5-5 on page 5-29 of the Motorola R56 Manual.

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Have any additional questions about Xybix grounding options? Contact us today!