Xybix's Bias Lighting

Bias Lighting


Attached to Rollervision® is Xybix's Bias Lighting, this indirect lighting source helps make computer viewing more comfortable by reducing eye strain.  This type of lighting can reduce eye fatigue by providing an easy transition for the eyes from the darkness of the room to the brightness of users computer monitors.  Xybix’s bias lighting can easily be dimmed or brightened with the use of MyClimate.

Features and Benefits of Xybix's Bias Lighting Include:

  • Reduces or eliminates eye strain and viewing fatigue in dark viewing conditions.
  • Eliminates image contamination due to reflections, haze and glare on the screen from conventional room lighting.
  • Enhances perceived black levels, contrast ratio, and picture detail by enabling dark adapted viewing.
  • Preserves correct color perception by the viewer.
  • Works with a low level illumination in reading rooms to provide light for movement and peripheral activities.

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