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Founded in 1991, Xybix Systems, Inc. has earned the reputation over the past 20 + years as the innovative leader in manufacturing ergonomic dispatch furniture and consoles for 24/7 mission critical environments.

Our expertise in design and ergonomics, combined with customer processes and functionality requirements, unite to create state-of-the-art dispatch consoles and furniture which empowers productivity by aligning form and functionality for better health and overall performance.

These user-friendly, highly customizable ergonomic dispatch consoles and furniture systems help employees get into their productivity zone and stay there.


Since our start in ergonomic dispatch furniture we have been the leader in several design features which improve the functionality of the dispatch consoles and dispatcher work flow.  Xybix was the first to offer internal panel cable management, sliding CPU shelves, oversized keyboard surface, technology tower CPU cabinets, and I-Fit® Ergonomic Software, and more recently RollerVision, QuickStack, and Cable-RoundUp.  Many of these improvements to ergonomic dispatch furniture have become the industry standard thanks to our forward thinking.

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As a family business, we understand the importance of attention to detail and manage every
dispatch furniture project accordingly, regardless of size.  We create CAD drawings in which we place all the equipment and dispatch furniture consoles to scale; plan electrical distribution; identify cable pathways and data/com ports; and make certain the space allows for good circulation.  We also know that ADA and Fire Department requirements are essential elements of any effective design, and therefore plan for future upgrades and changes from the outset of every dispatch furniture installation job.

Our goal is to make your project a success.  Our expertise in design and ergonomics will be coupled with your practical on-the-job experience and knowledge; together, we will create a cutting edge communication center.

The Xybix team looks forward to working with you and your organization.

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