Xybix DataDock USB Connection

Xybix's Data Dock brings simplicity to your fingers, allowing users to quickly connect and disconnect keyboards and mice without interruption to work activities. DataDock is located on the back edge of the keyboard surface. 

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CPU Storage

Keeping in line with guiding ergonomic principles, Xybix keeps users knee and leg space clear and free of obstructions. Xybix places users CPU equipment off to the side of the immediate workspace allowing users to stretch out and tech's to easily access the equipment without interruption to the user.

Equipment cabinets come in multiple configurations and sizes.

Features and benefits include:

  • Custom height-adjustable shelves
  • Upright and undersurface configurations
  • Stand up access
  • Built in cooling fans
  • LED lighting
  • Front cabinet 

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  • Xybix CPU Cabinet Storage Option
  • Xybix CPU Hanger
  • CPU Storage
  • Xybix Tech Tower CPU Storage Option
  • Power Ports
  • Power Ports
  • Power Ports
  • Power Ports
Cabling / Power Ports

Cable Management

From the CPU’s to the monitors, keyboards and mice, cables are organized and protected.  Cable managers maintain safe bend radii and easy access.

Network Cabling
Speed up build times with pre-wired workstations that provide all of the phone and data cabling ready to connect.

Desktop Power & Data Ports
Surface-accessible network and power connections

More information on Xybix's Cable Management.

Monitor Mounting

Add monitors quickly and easily to existing workstation monitor array with Xybix's monitor mounting Quick Stack option. Xybix's patented Rollervision® allows for simple monitor replacements and upgrades.  The modularity of the stack on option allows for future upgradability to accommodate more and larger screens, all the way up to second rows of screens.

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  • Monitor Mounting
  • Monitor Mounting
  • Monitor Mounting
  • Monitor Mounting
  • Rackmounts and Storage Shelving
  • Rackmounts and Storage Shelving
  • Rackmounts and Storage Shelving
  • Rackmounts and Storage Shelving
Rackmounts and Storage Shelving

Xybix Rackmounts are the perfect storage solution for communications equipment. Designed to hold EIA standard 19 inch electronic equipment this unique storage solution is available in a wide variety of sizes.  

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