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Ken Carson
Co-Owner and Member of the Xybix Team

Ken Carson Photo

Ken Carson

Vice President / Owner

Ken Carson spent his last year of college in Vienna Austria. Ken took classes on International Law and the History of Eastern Europe. This gave him zero preparation for the real world of business. "I remember my first sales call where I just read our catalog to this poor lady, and I had to pay $10 to park." Being part of the Carson family put me in a lot of situations where I had to do a little of everything. In fact, I know of some 911 projects where I hand built their consoles in the factory.

Nothing is better than watching our Xybix family grow throughout all of these years. When you spend a lot of time with people they become part of your legacy. I'm not sure what my legacy will be but, it sure is fun building it with a world class team. I could not do much without them.

As an Executive VP I am involved in just about all aspects of the business. I also get to solve problems internally and with customers. I work closest with marketing which I enjoy the more time I spend in it. The internet has changed how we market at Xybix and how marketing in general has changed. I love it.