Xybix Health Bike The Xybix health bike is a heavy duty 24/7 model specifically built for the rigors of 911 dispatch.  The exercise bike is an easy way to increase activity throughout your day while you work.  Combined with Xybix's ergonomic workstation solutions, now you can take the first steps toward a more healthy life. This health bike is the perfect option for people who prefer to “pedal and work”.


The Xybix upright health bike will fit perfectly under your workstation.  An easy way to add movement throughout the day, now users can pedal while working, never interrupting the quality of their work. Users are able to do all of the tasks that they did before including using the computer, taking notes, and making phone calls.  

Do they work?

Yes! Exercise bikes have been shoDo they work?wn to help users lose pounds, increase energy, improve focus and renew enthusiasm for the job.  In the public safety and 911 dispatch industry, the demand for such a product has been increasing over the years. The 911 public safety professionals are simply looking to improve their health, while whittling away their waste line and increasing their energy.

Employee Wellness Program

Employee Wellness ProgramMore than ever before, corporations are realizing that healthy employees are happier employees who have more energy to take on and handle harder tasks. This in-turn increases their job satisfaction, helps reduce stress and leads to longer employee retention. The core of any employee health program is helping others to see the benefits from improving overall health and well being.  Making it simple and easy, users can track calories, time spent on machine and more using Bluetooth connectivity and an online tracking platform.  Xybix's partnership with LifeSpan Fitness gives users a lifetime online health and fitness membership as yet another way to improve your overall health. (additional memberships are available for purchase)

The management bottom line

The management bottom line

If you are genuinely interested in improving employee health, even if your company’s budget is tight, consider purchasing the Xybix health bike to see how it can dramatically improve comm center moral. Once the idea catches on, you may find employee productivity increasing and sick days decreasing.  But, more importantly, the health of your employees will be improving.  Think of it this way, an exercise bike is a far better investment than the weekly donuts, bagels, etc.

Selecting the Right Health Bike

There is a difference between a high-end, industrial strength bikes and those that you would find at your local sporting goods store.  Be sure not to buy an under powered unit which will only end up providing you with headache and expense. Xybix's partnership with LifeSpan ensures that you are getting a heavy-duty model that is made for several hours of intensive use. This industry leading partnership allows users to contact LifeSpan directly with any questions.