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I was brought on to the Xybix team in 2014. Coming from industrial sales and the oil & gas industry, it was exciting to get to work in industries where "we serve those who serve others."   I also love that Xybix has innovation and durability at its’ core, with the leadership competitive and forward thinking.  I’m honored to direct the sales and design teams to new levels of service and success - we have the best in these industries by far.

I'm a competitive person who loves having fun with friends. I grew up in Nebraska (country boy), I married when I was 20, worked for my father's garage door company, and then moved to Waxahachie TX to attend college for a leadership degree (as a Minister). Later, I lived near Austin, TX then moved to Denver in '88. After losing my wife and 2-yr old daughter in 1991, I remarried and traveled professionally speaking and wrote five books.  Stephanie and I have 4 kids; Josh (who is a character artist in L.A. and is married to Nicole), Bri (theater actress), Luc (tech student), and Kate (middle school-er who loves to craft and bake). 

On a personal level, I enjoy anything to do with water (swimming, scuba, fishing, or boating) and I love good stories (movies, series, or books). I enjoy home improvement DIY projects – okay, Stephanie loves that I do these – and it’s fun to use my creative and problem-solving skills in a variety of sales, marketing, leadership, and business settings. You can catch me binge-ing on a TV series when I need down time!

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