Smart equipment storage solutions with the user in mind.

Off to the side CPU equipment storage gives users and tech’s freedom to get their jobs done comfortably without interruption.

Xybix provides users with the utmost comfort, health and ergonomics while working.


User benefits to Xybix’s CPU Equipment Storage

  • Leg and knee space clear of obstructions 
  • Clear and open foot-well to allow for reclined resting/seating
  • Nothing underneath that can cause a crush zone.
  • Open area allows for easy maintenance cleaning and vacuuming.


Xybix Computer Storage - CPU
Xybix Computer Storage - CPU

Features & Components

CPU Storage

  • Multiple pre-configured sizes
  • Durable construction
  • Coordinating finishes to match workstation
  • Angled shelving for easy cable access
  • Cable runway keeps cables organized
  • Standard built-in cooling fans
  • Standard LED service lighting
  • Standard ventilation screens
  • Smart Power Access

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