Bias Lighting provides optimum picture and viewing comfort for all users. 

Bright monitor contrast in a dimmed lighting environment can cause the eye to strain and fatigue.

Bias Lighting Xybix

The Proven Benefits of Xybix Bias Lighting

  • Reduces or eliminates eye strain and viewing fatigue in dark viewing conditions.
  • Eliminates image contamination due to reflections, haze and glare on the screen from conventional room lighting.
  • Enhances perceived black levels, contrast ratio and picture detail by enabling dark adapted viewing.
  • Preserves correct color perception by the viewer.
  • Works with low level illumination in communication centers and reading rooms to provide light for movement and peripheral activities.

Added User Benefits

  • Used with Xybix’s MyClimate controller for easy dim and brighten user preference.
  • Attached to Xybix’s Rollervision for precise lighting no matter where user focal depth preferences are.
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