St Lucie, FL (32 positions)

St Lucie

The Challenge

The St. Lucie Police Department was building a brand new modern dispatch center in St. Lucie, FL they wanted custom designed high-end workstations to outfit their call takers and their dispatch center appropriately. Tom Daly, Operations Manager, looked to Xybix Systems for ergonomic height-adjustable furniture as well as a custom new design from the ground up that would reflect the new space.

The Plan

Xybix will custom design a workstation layout that would work in the space provided as well as create good traffic flow for their employees. Both the call takers as well as the dispatcher’s workstations will be customized separately and designed in a way that would complement their needs in the new center. 

The Execution

The Xybix design team worked diligently with Tom Daly at the St. Lucie Police Department to create a layout that would suit all their dispatch needs including a good use of space, ease of traffic flow, a fresh new design and efficient employee interaction. Subsequently, custom-designed were the call taker areas to compliment the dispatch center.

Xybix installed 32 ErgoPower X4 Tables.

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