Mobile County Communications District, Mobile, AL (44 workstations)

Mobile County Communications District - Xybix Project Install

The Challenge

MCCD needed to move agencies within their facility and in doing so, they did not want to reduce any agency’s workspace. Maximizing the square footage would be very important in being able to do this. 

The Plan

MCCD's RFP process asked for proposals from qualified vendors who were already on an approved public purchasing contract list. On-site demos and prototypes were required from each vendor prior to publishing our RFP. MCCD chose this process because we realized that to create the detailed specifications we required would be very tedious and time consuming. The on-site demos and prototypes afforded us an education and the opportunity to learn enough about consoles and dispatch furniture in order for us to make an intelligent selection.

The Execution

The entire installation process was stellar!! From the very beginning, the Director of Field Operations (Kelly Smith) came to MCCD and met with ALL of our internal team, until the very last was finished went without a flaw. (In fact the project finished a day ahead of a very aggressive schedule.) Xybix “planned their work, and worked their plan”. 

Xybix installed 44 workstations 

Customer Quote

“Xybix did everything right! I can’t emphasize that enough! From our initial meeting with Megan Lewis and throughout, until the punch list was complete, they did it right! Without hesitation I can say that every Xybix employee I dealt with is honest, committed, knowledgeable and earnestly worked hard to not only get our business, but to also make sure that our project (despite it’s size and complexity) went smoothly and finished right on schedule. We took our time and thoroughly vetted each Vendor, their product and proposals.  We here at MCCD are extremely pleased with our finished product and highly recommend Xybix! They are a great Vendor and partner in such an important investment. I could go on-and-on with multiple examples of how they helped us with their expertise, but instead I will just welcome anyone to contact me to discuss more or to ask any particular questions.” Charlie McNichol, Deputy Director

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