Department of Emergency Communications and Citizen Services, Virginia Beach, VA (36 positions)

Virginia Beach Xybix Project

The Challenge

The Virginia Beach Emergency Communications & Citizen Services (ECCS) previously had Xybix furniture since 2005. And in early 2013 the Communications Center decided it was time to expand. In previous planning, the Center had the forethought to leave room for future expansion.  The next step was to work with the Xybix design team to come up with a plan to add 10 more workstations and various equipment. 

The Plan

In January 2014 the ECCS Communications Center moved from 26 workstations to 36 workstations, replacing all the existing furniture for new.  A cost savings measure was available to the Center given the good condition of the existing Xybix furniture and the ECCS Communications Center was able to re-use all their existing panel frames and though they had originally planned to re-use their fabric tiles the material was discontinued and they opted for new. 

The Execution/Installation

Customer Quote: "On behalf of Virginia Beach Emergency Communications & Citizen Services I would like to thank Tim Majszak, as well as Rebecca Cassidy and yourselves for a job well done from start to finish. From day one Tim did an outstanding job of keeping his crew working efficiently, communicating progress and challenges to both Pat and myself, and doing phenomenal work on the consoles themselves. He was quick to fix any problems that we discovered and kept the work as quiet as possible given the circumstances. He worked very closely with our radio and telephone technicians assigned to the project to keep things rolling smoothly. I cannot rave enough about the speed and quality of the work that was done in our center." - Joshua

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