CPU Cabinet Storage

CPU or computer storage in workstation consoles should always adhere to standard ergonomic principles, keeping the user’s knee and leg space clear and free of obstructions.

At Xybix, we place the CPU storage in our workstation consoles off to the side and out of the immediate user work space, allowing users to stretch out and technicians to easily access the equipment without interruption to the user. 




CPU Storage Features

  • Adjustable-height shelves
  • Upright and under surface configurations
  • Stand-up access
  • Built-in cooling fans
  • Air circulation venting
  • LED lighting
  • Durable construction
  • Coordinating finishes
  • Angled shelving for easy cable access


Xybix CPU Computer Storage Container

Xybix Open CPU Storage



CPU Computer Storage Benefits

CPU Storage User Benefits

  • Leg and knee space clear of obstructions meeting ADA minimum requirement of 30 inches from table leg to table leg.
  • Clear and open foot well to allow for reclined resting/seating positions with room to stretch out, exceeding the HFES minimum of 23.63 inches.
  • Nothing underneath the work surfaces that can cause a crush zone.
  • Open foot well allows for easy maintenance cleaning and vacuuming.