XybixTreadmillDesk.jpgIntroducing a new way to improve your health - while you work! Xybix has recently added treadmills and bikes to it's workstations so that users can walk or pedal while they work. We have all been told not to sit too much and taught what proper ergonomics should look like at a workstation. But, times, they are ‘a changing!  Recent news publications have emphasized the negative health effects sitting too much (frequently referred to as "sitting disease"). When the stress levels are high, the work hours are long, your health is likely to take the back seat. But, now it doesn't have to!  

Take the first step toward better health with Xybix's exclusive treadmill and desk workstations. Xybix's NEW health treadmills and bikes are engineered exclusively for the rigors of the 911 Comm CenterXybix's partnership with LifeSpan Fitness ensures a durable solution that can:

  1. increase productivity
  2. decrease sick days
  3. trim waist lines
  4. decrease stress
  5. burn calories
  6. improve employee morale

Still not convinced? Read more in one of our blogs.  



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