Dispatch Workstations


Proper engineering decisions start with a careful eye for ergonomic requirements, followed by a thoughtful selection of materials and finishes to ensure ultimate durability and a visually pleasing aesthetic.

Multiple user environments such as 911 dispatch, call centers, emergency operations and more require dual surface workstations for the utmost in adjustability. Short torso? Long Arms? Large monitors? Bifocals? These all require different settings, sometimes requiring the monitors to be lower than the keyboard surface; only possible on a dual surface workstation. Dual surface workstations also keep the required equipment in the primary reach zone so the operator can work at maximum efficiency.

To meet the functional requirements for knee space and monitor view angles, Xybix's workstations are engineered to have a wide open foot well, free of equipment cabinets, with space for the operators legs to move as they access multiple keyboards, mice and monitors. The open space also allows for cooling airflow or forced air heat to keep the operator warm without overheating the CPU’s.

Equipment cabinets are purposefully kept out of the operators’ foot well, allowing the monitor surface to adjust low enough to meet monitor visual angle requirements. Technicians’ backs and knees appreciate the easy; stand up access to equipment, no more crawling on the dirty floor to access CPU’s.

At Xybix, we make all engineering decisions for our furniture based around the user and proper ergonomics.  You can rest assure that you are choosing a workstation that is engineered with your specific needs in mind.

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