Ken CarsonKen Carson

Xybix Owner/Vice President


As one of the owners at Xybix, Ken joined the Xybix team right after graduating from the University of Denver in 1991. With a degree in International Studies and no knowledge of furniture or dispatch Ken hopped in with both feet.  With an always growing passion for the industry, Ken was able to learn a little bit of everything and has helped Xybix grow into the company it is today.


I am passionate about what I do.  I like nothing better than building friendships through working with customers and my sales team and I even like working the tradeshows.  Talking to customers who have our product for years and are still happy with the Xybix experience is very rewarding to me. 


I am married to my amazing wife, Javan and we have two boys Quinn (13) and Riley (11).  My wife is a conductor of four youth orchestras and has about 175 kids she manages to play wonderful music.  I have no musical skills at all. 


I am a lifelong skier and have been part of the National Ski Patrol for 27 years.  I also have a love of bicycles.  Nothing beats riding with my friends in the summer time.  Exploring the outdoors on my bike has taken me to some wonderful parts of Colorado and other states.    I am trying to pass some of this passion onto my two boys. 


I enjoy food.  Finding a new awesome restaurants is always fun.  I also enjoy to cook.  I make a great beer can chicken, and have some tasty homemade salsas to spice up just about anything.  I’ve also totally burned my share of stuff, which the dogs always appreciate. 


My life is Xybix and I love all the aspects that come with it.  Some days are better than others, but I have great employees who I feel are part of the family.  I have enjoyed watching them buy their first house, send kids off to college, and be able to support their families.  I feel that Xybix is a small slice of the American Dream.


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