Noise in a Communication Center can raise stress levels and introduce operational errors.  Call takers must speak loudly in order to communicate pertinent and life saving information, therefore increasing the general noise levels in the room.  In a vicious cycle, other call takers must speak louder to hear the people they are communicating with.  Soon, the entire room is loud, noisy and stress levels go through the roof, error rates go up and operational efficiency goes down.   A room with effective acoustic absorbing materials canbreak the increasing noise cycle and help maintain operational efficiency.

High acoustic, reflective materials such as painted steel, fabric wrapped steel, laminate, melamine or glass, merely bounce the sound back (NRC of 0) at the call taker and throughout the Communication Center.  With nothing to absorb the sound, it continually bounces around the room until it dissipates. With careful material selection, and thoughtful design, acoustic absorption can be maximized and noise levels reduced.

AcousticsXybix includes acoustic absorbing materials in all of our workstation solutions.  Two different levels of acoustic absorption are available;

  • The Xybix standard acoustic solution is certified to meet a .55 Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC).


  • The Xybix premium acoustic solution is like none other in the industry with an NRC of .75. That means that 75% of the sound that travels toward the panel system is absorbed and not reflected back into the room or toward the call taker.  This type of solution ensures that the noise is absorbed quickly and other call takers are not disrupted.

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