Xybix Storage Lockers

Millwork Options

Xybix provides a broad range of custom millwork options to complete your project. A variety of finishes and selections are available.

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Xybix Slatwall


Xybix offers a wide variety of work station accessories and storage solutions with personal filing, slat wall options, overhead lighting, desktop add-ons and more.

Organize your desk through the utilization of the vertical dimension of space. Designed to allow extra workspace on work surfaces.

Slat wall can be accessorized with a variety of configuartions.

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Xybix Drawer Pedestals

Drawer Pedestals

Xybix's drawer pedestal provides storage for paperwork, pens, pencils, and personal items. Integrated with the workstation these storage pedestals provide quick access and convenience. 

Options and Features include:

More information on Xybix's Custom Storage Solutions.

Xybix Workstation Height Adjustability

Xybix Height Adjustability

The basic design of Xybix’s adjustable height tables revolve around health, ergonomics and movement. Xybix only offers electric height adjustable tables to comply with ANSI/HFES 100-2007 ergonomic standards. Xybix's surface adjustment range is 23" low and 50" high.


USB Charing Station


Metal under worksurface shelf design has a ten outlet power bar mounted on the rear side and grommet hole has been positioned for running device power through the backside of the shelf. (perfect for items you don't want plugged into the CPU such as cell phones, iPads and more)

Data Dock


Data Dock brings simplicity to your fingers, allowing users to quickly connect and disconnect keyboards and mice without interruption to work activities. The flip open connection bay is located on the back edge of the keyboard surface and closes flush to the desktop surface. 

Customized port options available.

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Xybix Workstation Seismic Anchoring

Seismic Anchoring

For added safety and security, Xybix offers seismic anchoring for maximum anchoring. Securing or anchoring equipment is necessary to keeping a communications center up and running in the event of a natural disaster. 

More information on Xybix's Seismic Anchoring.

Xybix's Cup Holder

Cup Holder

Xybix offers a wide variety of work station accessories to give users a more comfortable place to work. Xybix's cup holder is great for keeping drinks off the keyboard surface and preventing spills.

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Open CPU Cabinet

CPU Storage - CPU TechTower

Keeping in line with guiding ergonomic principles, Xybix keeps users knee and leg space clear and free of obstructions. At Xybix, we place CPU equipment off to the side of the immediate user workspace, allowing users to stretch out and tech's to easily access the equipment without interruption to the user. 

Equipment cabinets come in multiple configurations and sizes.

Features and benefits include:

  • Custom height-adjustable shelves
  • Upright and undersurface configurations
  • Stand up access
  • Built in cooling fans
  • LED lighting
  • Front cabinet 

More information on Xybix's CPU Solutions.

Xybix Workstation Grounding

Workstation Grounding

Xybix’s standard equipment does not require any specific grounding. However, we do recommend that you contact your radio supplier for grounding specifics. Xybix offers R-56 grounding for your workstations 

Xybix grounds all metal items on work station including;

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Rotating Resource Guide

Rotating Resource Guide

Xybix provides a broad range of millwork accessories including lockers, drawer pedestals, lateral files, lockers and more.

Xybix's Rotating Resources Guide Options and Features include:

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Xybix Status Indicator Light

Status Indicator Light

Gain real-time visibility into the status of your team with status indicator lights. Managers and users now have the ability to see the status of team members for better responsiveness and management. 

Options & Benefits:

  • LED Lights for long life
  • 1-4 different color indicators
  • Flashing or solid lighting
  • Can be connected to MyClimate
  • Can integrate with phone and radio

More information on Xybix's Status Indicator Light.