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Xybix Warehouse RecievingPatrick Nickels

Patrick started working for Xybix on Nov 2, 2010. Patrick has been in manufacturing for 18 years. Patrick has fantastic organization skills, attention to detail, good communication skills and follow up. He also has a knack for retaining product knowledge.

Prior to working with Xybix, Patrick has held a variety of positions which have included; the Jefferson County corners office and Home Depot. He has even built modular mall coffee stations for Starbucks. Patrick worked for the Grand Hyatt Downtown Denver on the engineer team or the PAPM (Public Areas Preventative Maintenance) team. He was also in the United States Marine Corp Service (1989-1996), he went to war with Operation Desert storm and was a part of FAST (Fleet Antiterrorist Service Team).

I enjoy working for Xybix and I am motivated by the fact that we are the only company that focuses on the person, or the posture of the person working. I like that we focus on the user, with our climate controls, lighting, ect. It is my belief that we are a company for the “people”. We are constantly evolving. Some great stuff is always happening there is continuous product improvement and development. I like what we build.

The Xybix Company is family owned and a small company, one of the few, where the owners are still involved in the design of the product from start to finish. The owners are very involved in the change and the evolution of the product and company as a whole. Company wide, the team work is profound!

On the side, I like to do fantasy dioramas (see picture below or Ovaks.com). I am a huge fantasy war gamer! I consider myself an Xbox and video game guru. I also am a member of a live event historical re-enactment society. I am a Chainmail (think - knight armor) and leather worker (tanner). I am engaged to the wonderful Sammy and we have been together for over five years.