Xybix Height Adjustability

The basic design of Xybix’s height adjustable tables revolve around ergonomics and movement. Proper ergonomics will provide the most stress free working postures. The flexibility of movement will enable users to change positions quickly, easily, and often throughout the workday. In order to achieve these critical movements electric height adjustable tables are used. Xybix only offers electric height adjustable tables and focuses its business model around 24/7 multiple shift and monitor work environments. 

Xybix workstations are the only in the industry to comply with ANSI/HFES 100-2007 ergonomic standards.  This means that every workstation will meet or exceed the physical requirements of the 5th percentile seated female (4'11") to the 95th percentile standing male user (6'2.5").  The Xybix input surface adjustment range is 23" low and 50" high.

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