RollerVision Monitor System

Xybix’s patented Rollervision® is a multiple computer monitor focal depth adjustment technology.  This unique technology provides an advantage for anyone who seeks to adjust ALL of their workstation monitors with one single motion.  The patented design moves all monitors forward and backward to achieve optimal focal depth and reduce eye strain. 

Watch this video to see it in action.

Want to add more monitors, no problem, learn more about Xybix's Quick Stack option here.

  • Rollervision Front Empty
  • Rollervision Front Pull
  • Rollervision Rear
  • Quick stack
  • MyClimate Hand Control
  • MyClimate CoolingFan
  • MyClimate LuxLight
  • MyClimate Heater

Control your environment and comfort at your finger tips, using MyClimate personal climate controls.  Controlling your immediate environment, heating, cooling and lighting can lead to a more productive work day. 

  • Filtered adjustable fan speed control
  • Dim and brighten up to two LED task lights
  • Easy “on/off” button for heater and status indicator light
  • 1000W forced air heater or heat pad
  • Bias lighting dim and brighten capability
  • Motion detector turns off climate control features when station unoccupied
Download Xybix's MyClimate Info
Task Lighting

Xybix offers energy saving LED task lighting.

  • Low Profile LED lights – Stylish and low profile make directing light to where you need it easy and simple.
    Multi-directional flex body can pivot to shine light
    anywhere on work surface. Compatible with Xybix MyClimate personal environmental controls to easily dim and brighten with the turn of a knob. LED light is cool to the touch.

Download Task Lighting Info

  • MyClimate LuxLight
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