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Xybix AcousticsWork environments are notoriously noisy. Improper acoustics could be to blame. In stressful or shared environments, noise levels can rise. Xybix’s premium acoustic panels have an industry leading .75 NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) and are proven to reduce noise. Proper acoustics can help you improve concentration.


Indoor Air Quality

Xybix Indoor Air Quality

Health and air quality are important and that’s why every Xybix product is UL GREEGUARD Certified and meets strict indoor air quality standards. Tested by independent third party laboratories Xybix's furniture is tested to ensure that VOC’s are within a safe level. Proper indoor air quality helps you achieve better health and safety while on the job. 



Xybix Antimicrobial FeaturesKeeping healthy goes beyond just proper positioning, shared workstations are a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Xybix’s antimicrobial worksurfaces prevent against sickness. Proper prevention of the spread of sickness. Sick days can be costly, but now they don't have to be with Xybix's antimicrobial workstation products.



Xybix ErgonomicsXybix's industry leading ergonomic design and performance ensures that EVERYONE from the tallest person, to the shortest, can achieve proper positioning. Xybix workstations meet all five of the critical ergonomic performance criteria set forth by the ANSI/HFES 100-2007 National Ergonomic Standard. Proper ergonomics can help you prevent long term injury.



Xybix HealthImproving your health while you work, Xybix offers a treadmill and bike to compliment your workstation and help you achieving better health while you work. Adding movement to your workday can improve posture and concentration as well as fight against the health problems that occur from a sedentary lifestyle. You too can achieve better health today!

Treadmill & Bike Info